What Sets Us Apart

At Jensen Orthodontic Arts, Dr. Jensen and each of our team members take pride in our approach to serving others while providing technically advanced treatment plans for a variety of dental conditions.

Our goal is to offer honest and sincere information about your dental health and then deliver expertly executed individualized care for an awesome outcome.

Count on being treated like family with our orthodontic and prosthodontic care. Here are 20 ways we are different from other offices around McKinney, Frisco and Allen.

20 Ways We're Different


Well-Known Expert

Dr. Doug Jensen is the dentist’s orthodontist—that is, he treats many dental professionals and their spouses, children, and staff.  Not only do they refer their patients to his care, but they also know that he practices at a high level to trust even themselves to his care.


Dual Specialist

Dr. Jensen is a dual specialist in both orthodontics and prosthodontics, a very rare distinction only a handful of dental professionals can claim in the entire United States.

earn this unique distinction, Dr. Jensen underwent an additional five years beyond learning the basics of dentistry in dental school.



Dr. Jensen is board-certified with the American Board of Orthodontics—this is a distinction only about 30% of practicing orthodontists hold.


Continued Education

Dr. Jensen maintains a cutting-edge approach to his craft through postgraduate courses, lecturing, study group leadership, and frequent continuing education programs.


We Are Here for You

We have only one office location, so we are here when you need to see us. We do not split our time between multiple offices, making it difficult on you to get convenient appointments or causing you to travel great distances. Our office has a slower-paced, friendly and fun atmosphere.


High-Quality Care

We use the highest quality appliances and techniques, and, in conjunction with Dr. Jensen’s close supervision at each treatment, you can count on better results, fewer visits, and shorter treatment times.


Customized Treatment

Dr. Jensen is also a photographer and offers customized photo shoots to all at the end of treatment.  We proudly display the pictures throughout our office of actual patients who have received treatment from Dr. Jensen.

There are no borrowed photographs; all smiles and photographs in the office and on this website are by Dr. Jensen himself.


We Value Your Time

Speaking of saving time, we run an on-time practice, preserving your valuable time at each appointment.


We Monitor Your Progress Actively

Dr. Jensen communicates closely with your family or pediatric dentist as well as other top-notch specialists in order to coordinate and execute each individual treatment plan for you or your children. He knows and keeps track of where and when you need to be somewhere.


Updates at Each Visit

Dr. Jensen makes it a point to discuss treatment progress with you at each visit. If you’re not able to be here, he’ll send home an appointment report.

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Private Consultations

Every treatment room is private and not out in the open for all to see and hear.  Most orthodontic offices put you right out there in the open without privacy.


Constantly Clean

We practice meticulous sterilization for everyone’s safety. Fear not.


Invisible Treatments

We offer low-visibility and even invisible treatment options: clear braces are our go-to, Invisalign® clear aligners and similar other brands are also used often, and 3M Incognito lingual braces (on the tongue side of the teeth) are for those who don’t want to see anything going on.

Yes, we even use cool metal brackets with a unique rhodium sheen for those who want to have to best-looking metal brackets to one-up their friends.

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Community Driven

Dr. Jensen and his team are routinely involved in the community and support local school events.


Affordable Care

Flexible financial arrangements are available so that your orthodontic problems do not become financial problems.


Pay-in-Full Discount

A discount is given for payment in full at the start of treatment in many cases.


We Know the Value of Family

We give multiple family member discounts.


Check-Up Program

Our pre-orthodontic check-up program is free for young patients.


Patient Amenities

Wi-Fi internet access is available in the reception area for patients and parents.


Keeping Patients Engaged

Fun contests are always going on in the office with great prizes.

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