Meet Your McKinney Orthodontic Team

It might seem that after you do your research to find a highly skilled and experienced orthodontist (and rest assured, you have found the right doctor in Dr. Jensen) that your search would be over. However, it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to also have a highly-trained and experienced team supporting your doctor in order to ensure that each visit exceeds your expectations and becomes the best part of your day.

Each member of our team understands that orthodontics is more than just a smile shop to fix your teeth. Each understands that there is a human attached to those teeth and that orthodontics is a service business. Orthodontics is not a commodity that gives you the same results and service no matter where you get it. We strive to optimize the process of crafting fine smiles so you feel like your time was well spent and you were well taken care of at each visit! Please browse our team members below to learn more about who is supporting Dr. Jensen during the smile creation process.


Treatment Coordinator

We are blessed to have the outgoing Michele. She began her orthodontic journey in 1996 as an assistant and has been with Jensen Orthodontic Arts since 2014. While here, she has worn many hats. You name it, she has done it! Currently, her responsibilities lie in the new patient process, and she will take great care of you during your first visit and beyond. She is also great at helping with other requests as needed.

Michele has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1992, and they have a son and a daughter. They are in-laws to a wonderful daughter-in-law. When she is not at the office, she enjoys doing yoga, playing around with her essential oils and learning how to keep her vegetable garden alive! One of the most interesting things about Michele is that she loves her four-legged friends. She has five dogs as well as a pig named Charlotte.


Insurance Coordinator

We have been enjoying Jessica’s level-headed presence at Jensen Orthodontic Arts since 2018, although we have known her to be awesome at what she does for even longer! She started her career in dentistry as an assistant but has made her way to the business side of things processing insurance claims. Things have run a lot smoother since her arrival.

Jessica has been married to her husband, Brandon, since 1999, and they have two sons, Parker and Jett. They rescued their dog, Willow, from a shelter a few years ago, and that completed their happy little family! Jessica grew up in a tiny town called Shattuck, Oklahoma, and graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where she earned a degree in business management. She and her family moved to Texas in 1999 and live in McKinney. Her hobbies include cheering on both her boys, whether it be at baseball, football or basketball. She is amazing at cookie decorating when she has a spare minute, and she makes it mandatory to work out regularly. Her first car was a 1984 baby blue Corvette! At the time, she did not think it was a big deal, but now that she is a mother and watching her son as a new driver, having a Corvette for a first car is a pretty big deal!


Financial Coordinator

Denise is the mother of our office team, and she loves that role! She looks after the best interests of each member of our team and patients alike, though her actual role in the office is our financial coordinator, making sure that you or your child’s orthodontic issues do not become financial issues. She also helps us in the search for new patients, since she is so spunky! She has always been a cheerleader on the sidelines for our team and Dr. Jensen since she is his mother-in-law, and she does what she does very well.

Denise grew up in Chicago and moved to Texas in the mid ’80s. She has five kids and 14 grandkids, and she is heavily involved in each of their lives, as you can imagine. She also enjoys cooking, crafts and everything flamingo birds. Holidays, birthdays — any days! — are the best with her large family. She has a saying that the party does not begin until the Sanders arrive!


Office Manager

Cherie is the biggest personality in the office, and her laughter is contagious, so watch out! She sincerely cares that you have a great experience at Jensen Orthodontic Arts, from beginning to completed treatment, and she has been with us since the beginning. Her goal is that you rave about your experience and want to tell others. She oversees most of the goings-on in the office and knows a lot about everything we do. Her experience spans clinical patient treatment as well as all the details of the front office. Cherie was even in the dental field before Dr. Jensen got into it!

Cherie has a bunch of interests, and she is especially into camping and gardening lately. For example, she likes to play mother nature with the butterfly life cycle, controlling which butterflies visit her garden, where caterpillars form their chrysalises and what to do with them after they hatch. Many of her butterflies are displayed throughout the office for your enjoyment. Other interests are mostly outdoors, like kayaking and fishing with her daughter, Liberty, in tow.

Orthodontist McKinney Tx


Clinical Patient Manager

Marisela practically runs the clinic, making sure our patients get well taken care of and that our team fulfills the tenets of our mission statement. She is experienced in all aspects of the orthodontic and prosthodontic treatment processes. You cannot not like Marisela. She is from Venezuela and brings with her a charm and humor anyone can appreciate. She received a dental degree during her schooling back in Venezuela, becoming a third-generation dentist there, a dental background that helps immensely with what she does now.

Marisela married her husband, Walter, in 2016. She has two boys to keep track of. Together they spend time traveling, visiting new places and meeting new people. She loves spending time with her family when she is not at Jensen Orthodontic Arts.


Communications Coordinator

The amiable Sierra’s primary role at Jensen Orthodontic Arts is a variety of front office responsibilities. She handles phone calls, scheduling and relationship building from the very beginning. She enjoys the marketing side of things as well and is one of the first smiles you will see at the front when you walk in. Her favorite part of what she does is helping patients feel welcome and comfortable when they enter our doors. She is also very capable of handling the treatment side of things. She is an important member of our team, and we are really blessed to have her as she is especially great with young people and noticeably kind to all.

Sierra was born in Oklahoma but has been raised in Texas since she was 7. Even in her relatively tender age, she has become quite the world traveler and has been to eight different countries, having a blast doing a variety of unique activities in each. She is a big family girl, both literally and figuratively, being one of nine children, and she loves to hang with her siblings. She has been married to her husband for a couple years now. They have one girl that she just adores. Outside of the practice she loves motherhood. She seems to carry a tune in her heart, and you are likely to hear her humming or singing a melody around the office. Rest assured, she will work to get to know you as she readily finds common ground and befriends all. She is a great all-around asset to our team!


Treatment Coordinator

Makenna understands people and is well-versed in the details of the orthodontic and prosthodontic processes. She has always admired a nice smile and what it is that goes into the creation of this “window into the soul.” To this end, she has studied the art and science of dentistry and earned her RDA license. And it does not stop there. Makenna has continued to develop her skills here at Jensen Orthodontic Arts, and you will be happy to know that she is managing the new patient process.

Makenna grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and made her way to Texas to pursue and earn a biology degree from Dallas Baptist University. Makenna recently married her husband, Sean, and moved to the McKinney area with their puppies, Apollo and Athena. Her hobbies include traveling, spending time outdoors with family and friends, and avidly working out to stay in shape. She previously spent many years in front of sports fans as a collegiate cheerleader. She has never met a stranger and enjoys working with kids and adults alike! No doubt you will appreciate her affability and her exacting nature when it comes to your orthodontic treatment.


Patient Manager

Brandy is a ray of sunshine in our office, and we are proud to have her with us. She will be part of your clinical experience throughout your orthodontic or prosthodontic treatment. Her main role is to manage the patient process. She has been in the dental field for over 10 years and firmly understands the technical aspects of orthodontic treatment. But maybe even more than that, she lives by the idea “to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” (Maya Angelou).

She was born in Galveston, Texas, and moved to Allen, Texas, in 1988. At Allen High School, she was involved in show choir (she is often heard singing on key while she works) as well as track and drill team, and she did quite a bit of dancing as well. She has three children, three fur babies and one boyfriend named Mark. Besides her dental career, she enjoys playing The Sims 4 on her MacBook, cross-stitching and keeping up with current events. But truly, she enjoys helping patients achieve a smile that helps them gain the confidence needed to grab stars! Be on the lookout for Brandy!


Patient Manager

Sariah has been highly trained in all aspects of orthodontics in particular and is well-versed in just about any question you might have during your visit. She assists Dr Jensen routinely and performs activities around the office related to orthodontic treatment. She has a very calm personality and is very willing to get to know you.

Sariah is the third sister in a family of five girls. She is the daughter of Dr Jensen’s younger sister, which makes Sariah his niece. We here at Jensen Orthodontic Arts are privileged to have her with us when she is not away at college or fulfilling other responsibilities. She attends BYU-Idaho and is majoring in dance. She also grew up playing the piano and still does a fine job doing that. She has fun at doing a lot of things in life, so just ask her what is going on and she will be happy to tell you all about it.


Patient Manager

Madi is accomplished at managing patients during the treatment process. Rest assured she’ll take care of you during your appointments from start to finish. She’s super friendly and agreeable, but gets serious about making sure things turn out right for each appointment.

Madi was born and raised in Dallas, TX where she grew up as the second oldest of five. She has attended BYU-Idaho where she studies psychology, which she plans to continue in and earn a graduate degree. In her spare time she loves playing piano (she can play just about anything), learning new songs on the guitar, and playing basketball or volleyball with her
friends. She also loves going on adventures and participating in volunteer work — she spent some time volunteering in an orphanage in Romania and recently served an 18 month mission in Colorado and Wyoming for her church.

High on the list of things she loves is dentistry! Madi not only loves working on teeth but getting to know the people who own those teeth.


Patient Manager


Communications Coordinator