Do I Need a Tooth Extraction or Implant Before Orthodontic Treatment

When your teeth are in need of some work, it can be stressful to know what to do about it, and when. Maybe you are missing a tooth due to an accident or genetics. Maybe you have a crowded mouth where there isn’t enough room for everything to fit. Regardless of the situation, our team at Jensen Orthodontic Arts can help you find the solution that will lead to the gorgeous, healthy smile you’ve been dreaming of. Keep reading to answer the question Do I Need a Tooth Extraction or Implant Before Orthodontic Treatment?

Dr. Jensen is an orthodontist and a prosthodontist which means that he can help straighten teeth as well as add replacement teeth if that is necessary to support your aligned smile. He is one of the few doctors in the nation to specialize in both areas at once, so he’s the best person to consult when you are ready to address your unique teeth issues. 

Why You May Need an Extraction

There are a few reasons why Dr. Jensen might recommend extracting one or more of your teeth. Extraction is the word we use for pulling a tooth, and you may need an extraction if your mouth shape and teeth size has caused crowding of the teeth. This will prevent them from growing in a straight line, or may even keep some of them from growing in at all, something called impaction. Tooth decay or injury to your teeth can sometimes warrant an extraction, as well as gum disease. 

Why You May Need an Implant

If you have one or more teeth missing, Dr. Jensen may recommend that you get an implant. Implants fill the gaps where missing teeth should be, and provide support for fake teeth like crowns, bridges, or dentures. This is helpful for cosmetic and oral health reasons, as tooth loss can cause all kinds of unexpected changes, like speech defects, bone loss, and changes in chewing patterns. 

Implants can improve the ability to chew, and restore the cosmetic appearance of your smile. They also can keep the jawbone from shrinking due to bone loss, and preserve the health and stability of the neighboring teeth. Generally, implants can greatly improve the quality of life by making it easier to chew and sustain overall oral health.

Types of Implants

Bridges and Teeth

Often an implant consists of a single fake tooth that is attached to the bone of your jaw through an implant. These false teeth are extremely stable and durable and can effectively fill in for missing teeth and prevent teeth from shifting or bone loss. A crown includes a dental implant as well as a supporting cap that goes over an adjacent tooth. This is helpful when there is partial tooth loss and you still retain part of a tooth.


There are multiple types of dentures, including removable ones, but there are also implant-secured dentures. These dentures are surgically installed and attached to the bone of your jaw to help keep it in place and make it possible to still eat and smile as usual. Your doctor should be able to recommend which type of denture is best for you and your unique oral needs.

Should I Get Treatment Before or After Orthodontics?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to get extractions performed before orthodontics treatment, and have implants placed after. Extractions make room for the rest of your teeth to shift into alignment more easily or by removing any unhealthy or decaying teeth. 

Implants will come after orthodontic treatment because it’s important for teeth to be in their long-term and permanent positions before an implant is added to the oral structure of your smile. Implants should last for life, and cannot be adjusted after they go on, so getting aligned teeth first will be the priority.

Remember, these are general rules of thumb and you will always refer to your orthodontist, like Dr. Jensen, first before moving forward with any permanent changes to your smile. 

Risks of Implants and Extractions

As with any surgical intervention, there are always some risks involved with getting an extraction or implant. Some of the common issues are bleeding, infection at the surgical site, nerve damage, or damage to other teeth. Most of these problems are mitigated when you work with a board-certified orthodontist and prosthodontist like Dr. Jensen who has an incredible track record of experience caring for patients in the McKinney, Texas area for many years. 

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