Back to School With Invisalign

Back-to-school season is here, and at Jensen Orthodontic Arts, we’re excited to share how going back to school with Invisalign can make your teen’s school year even brighter. 

Debunking Invisalign For Teens Myths

The teenage years are a time of self-discovery and growth. This period also comes with a fair share of myths, that they are invincible, for example. Unfortunately, your teen (or maybe even you!) might believe some Invisalign myths, too. Before we continue with back-to-school with Invisalign tips, let’s set the record straight about this orthodontic treatment:

Myth 1: “Everyone will notice!” 

Invisalign aligners are discreet. They’re transparent and fit snugly over the teeth. Most of your child’s pals probably won’t notice them unless your kid points them out. So, your child can flash that smile in selfies without a second thought!

Myth 2: “It’s high maintenance.” 

Think again! Invisalign aligners are pretty low-key. Your teen just pops them out when they’re ready to eat; then, they will give the trays and their mouth a quick clean and put them back in. No fiddling with brackets or getting food stuck in wires. 

Myth 3: “I can’t do normal teen stuff.” 

Invisalign won’t hold your children back, whether your child is into sports, music, or drama. They’re designed to fit into an active lifestyle. If there’s an extra special event, your child can always remove them for a short while.

Myth 4: “My child won’t wear them at school.” 

While it is true that you can’t follow your teen around all day to ensure they’re wearing the aligners, you can still monitor their compliance with Dr. Jensen’s instructions! Invisalign for Teens trays come with a Compliance Dot, which changes colors when exposed to saliva. This feature means you can ensure your teen wears their trays even when you’re not around to check. The Compliance Dot can be added to Invisalign First aligners upon request.

Back to School With Invisalign

Tips To Incorporate Invisalign Into The School Day

Here’s how your children can make the most of their treatment during the school year:

  • Accountability: School life is busy. Between classes, extracurriculars, and hanging out with friends, it’s easy to forget about aligners. Encourage your child to set reminders on their phone to put the trays back in after they’re taken out. For example, a reminder set to go off after lunch can help to ensure they wear them for the recommended 20-22 hours daily. 
  • Presentation Confidence: We’ve all been there – the nervous jitters before a class presentation. With Invisalign, they don’t have to worry about brackets hurting their cheek while trying to talk or food stuck in their wires. On the big day, remind them to make certain their aligners are clean and seated correctly. Not only will this make them feel more confident, but it’ll also ensure clear speech, letting their knowledge shine without any distractions.
  • Emergency Kit: School can be full of unexpected moments. Maybe your teen decided to have an impromptu snack with friends, or perhaps they’re staying late for a study session. Prepare them for anything by packing a small Invisalign emergency kit in their backpack. This kit should include a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and a spare aligner case. 
  • Engage with Teachers: Inform their teachers or the school about their aligners. An informed support system can help your child remember to wear their aligners, give them time after lunch or snack time to clean their teeth and provide relief (such as an ice pack) when your child is uncomfortable.
  • Hydration: Drinking water not only keeps your teen refreshed but also helps in keeping their aligners clean. Remember, your teen can only have water when their aligners are in! If they’re sipping on a soda or juice, it’s best to remove them to prevent any staining or damage. Make sure they have a reusable water bottle so they are less tempted to indulge in sugary options. 

School is a time of growth, learning, and unforgettable memories. With Invisalign, your child is not just working towards a beautiful smile but also learning valuable lessons in responsibility and self-care. Setting them up for success helps them meet all their goals for the year and maintain their confidence every step of the way.

What Does The Day Look Like For A Student With Invisalign?

To show you how non-invasive Invisalign clear aligners are to your child’s routine, we will walk you through a day of Colby, a student.

In the morning, Colby removes his aligners and carefully cleans them. After thoroughly rinsing them with room temperature water, he sets them aside to dry completely. While waiting, he performs his regular oral hygiene routine. After breakfast, he quickly cleans his mouth again and slips on his dry aligners before heading out the door.

Colby wears his aligners without issues all day. At lunchtime, he places them in their case so he can eat. Colby doesn’t have to worry about what the cafeteria is serving because clear aligners do not have food restrictions! After lunch, he rinses his mouth, gives his teeth a quick brush in the restroom, and slips his aligners back in.

Colby is not currently participating in extracurricular activities like band or a sports team, but his Invisalign aligners do not stop him from them. He wouldn’t need to take his aligners out for band or debate, but he could if needed. He could simply switch his trays for a mouthguard during sports practice, too. 

Of course, he removes the aligners for dinner and wears them again until he is ready to perform his nightly routine, which mirrors his morning one. 

Did you notice how the only real change to his day was removing them to eat and perform oral hygiene? Clear aligners allow your child to straighten their smile without rearranging their schedule.

Back to School With Invisalign

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