All smiles and photos by Dr. Jensen
All smiles and photos by Dr. Jensen
All smiles and photos by Dr. Jensen
All smiles and photos by Dr. Jensen
All smiles and photos by Dr. Jensen

Jensen Orthodontic Arts is ready to serve you in a sincere, patient-centered atmosphere. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and tour our new facility! Click on any photo below to view a high resolution version!


Jensen Orthodontic Arts office building

Jensen Orthodontic Arts was established in a new building right here in McKinney, Texas, and feels more like a warm home than a dental office.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts board certification plaque

Jensen Orthodontic Arts is home to dual specialist Dr. Doug Jensen. He is a Board Certified orthodontist, as well as a specialist in prosthodontics.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts front desk

You will be greeted warmly here. Friendly smiles and attention to the details await when you arrive. We want all aspects of your treatment to go smoothly for you.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts waiting area 1

We have room for those who come along with the patient, such as siblings or parents. You will discover free Wi-Fi to get things done on your laptop, or you can relax with a book or magazine during your child’s appointment.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts waiting area 2

In the reception area, we have comfy seats and places to enjoy videos in the theater or a beverage at the refreshment counter.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts waiting area 3

We want each of your visits with us to be the best part of your day.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts examination room 1

Here, you will meet Dr. Jensen for a comprehensive exam, where he will evaluate and take detailed measurements of your mouth. Then, using photos, X-rays or previous case examples, he will explain what he sees and and help you understand what issues you might have and what treatment options are available.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts examination room 2

Jensen Orthodontic Arts is committed to creating wonderfully beautiful and functionally well-aligned smiles with sincere, patient-centered customer service. We care a lot about personal, long-lasting relationships, and we work to be your most trusted source for information about your dental health.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts sinks in the backroom

We teach and encourage excellent oral hygiene, as evidenced by the tooth brushing station. In case our patients have not had the chance to brush their teeth, they can do it here. We have toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash available.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts clinical operatories

Spacious clinical operatories are where the straight teeth magic happens. Our private rooms keep personal information and conversations confidential.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts examination rooms connected together

Operatories are spacious and well equipped to handle a variety of orthodontic and prosthodontic dental procedures. Computer monitors allow us to explain treatment findings in the form of photos and X-rays or video clips. Dr. Jensen is happy to share treatment progress and provide updates.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts with a portrait on the wall

Only actual patients whom Dr. Jensen has treated are found on the walls in our office. Here, an artist has depicted one recent young patient. You will find interesting things about orthodontics and Dr. Jensen’s interests in the display case up front.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts corridor

This corridor leads to where we perform treatment and contains more artwork displaying Dr. Jensen’s actual finished patients. You will not find canned photos of someone else’s patients here!

Jensen Orthodontic Arts backroom

In order to ensure our patients’ safety, we take the sterilization process of our various instruments very seriously. The instruments enter on one side and make their way around to our autoclaves, where they are completely steam or heat sterilized. We do not reuse brackets, wires or other componentry.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts room with arcade games

We strive to run an on-time practice. But inevitably, someone has to wait during the appointment, be it a sibling, mom or dad. Well, enjoy that time on some vintage ’80s video games! Dr. Jensen’s favorite is Stargate, but there are at least 60 to choose from if that one is not your game!

Jensen Orthodontic Arts lab room

In the laboratory, we pour and trim casts to be used for diagnostic cast study. We also produce some appliances needed for treatment. If we do not make it ourselves, we always make sure to work hand-in-hand with quality outside labs.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts dental lab

Sit-down dental lab work is performed in the office. Diagnostic wax-ups aid Dr. Jensen in determining what might be done for patients and allow the fabrication of new teeth or appliances.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts mold of teeth

This is a common sighting in the office: more complex treatment plans may require wax buildups first made on casts representing a patient’s severely worn teeth. These will be compared to the mouth to create temporary teeth when procedures begin, and definitive materials are used for the final restorations. Dr. Jensen creates this blue print for new teeth himself. This is the real “ARTS” part of Jensen Orthodontic Arts.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts office

Nestled among the trees, on the southeast corner of Custer and Stonebridge, there is beautiful landscaping and ample parking.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts office during sunset

A beautiful sunset at Jensen Orthodontic Arts. Come check us out, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Jensen Orthodontic Arts evening lights

Office in the evening.